Network Security

This step-by-step setup guide will show you how to set up your ExpressVPN router app on Linksys routers to offer basic network security for your office or home. Protect your online identity.

Note: These steps below were tested on Linksys WRT3200ACM and will work for these Linksys router models:

Important: Installing any third-party firmware, such as ExpressVPN for routers, could invalidate your warranty. Check with the manufacturer if this is a concern.

Network Security Requirements

1. Download the ExpressVPN firmware

Download the firmware on the ExpressVPN website. From the dropdown menu, select the model of your Linksys router.

Click Download Firmware.

Network Security

Keep this browser window open. You will need the activation code for the setup later.

Network Security

2. Power on your router

Important: If you are currently using a different router, ExpressVPN recommends adding the Linksys router as a secondary router in your existing network. If you wish to replace your existing router with the ExpressVPN router, we recommend setting up the Linksys router as a secondary router before removing your primary router.

If you are installing ExpressVPN on a new router, follow these steps below:

  1. Attach the antennas to the new router.
  2. Connect it to a power source but do not connect it to the internet. If you want to use the new router as a secondary router, place it near your existing router.
  3. Turn on the new router.
  4. Wait until the router’s power light displays a solid bar.

3. Install the network security firmware

Important: Installing the ExpressVPN firmware will remove your router’s current settings, such as your Wi-Fi SSID and password. You can revert to the default firmware at any time.

In your browser’s address bar, enter the IP address for the router admin panel. By default, this is (you can also find it in your device’s settings).

You will be prompted to sign in. Enter your Linksys’s router dashboard’s password. (The default is “admin.”) Click Sign In.

Network Security

On the router’s admin panel, click Connectivity.

Network Security

Click Choose File. Select the ExpressVPN firmware you downloaded earlier, then click Start.

Click “Start” to upload the ExpressVPN firmware.

You will see notifications informing you that the firmware is not recognized and updates will require a reboot of your router. Click Yes and Yes to continue.

Once you have successfully installed the firmware, click Ok to initiate a reboot of the router.

4. Connect to the internet

Connect your device to the router either via cable or Wi-Fi.

To connect over Wi-Fi, find the network Linksys(the last 5 digits of your router’s serial number) and enter the password found on your router.

If you are using a new router that will be used as a secondary router, connect it to the internet by attaching one end of an ethernet cable to its yellow port, and the other end of the cable to your existing router.

5. Set up ExpressVPN on your router

You will be taken to the ExpressVPN router dashboard. If you don’t see it, go to Click Get Started and follow the instructions.

When the setup is complete, keep a note of your Wi-Fi name and password, and your router password.

Make a note of the important information after the setup is complete.

Your router is now connected to ExpressVPN.

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